Mike Portrait

A new portrait done yesterday by my friend Bob Myers. I needed a new portrait for my Real Estate postcards so I called Bob and we decided to do each others portrait. I carried a white seamless, a speedlight and a few umbrellas to Bob’s house to work with. We actually only used a speedlight bounced off his vaulted ceiling. It really turned out well. I will post Bob later.

“Two Slots Open for the Apalachicola Workshop”

Moonset Dwarf Cypress

I have 2 slots still open for the Apalachicola Spring workshop. The dates are March 26 – 28, 2015. The cost is $350 and does not include food or lodging.  We will be exploring the beauty and culture of the area around Apalachicola Bay. Thursday we will be out on the bay photographing the oystermen at work, the other times we will explore the oyster boat docks, the wilderness areas around the river and all the local people in the area.

I only take 6 people at most so this is a very intimate and hands on workshop. For more info or to sign up email me at mike@mikenalleyphotography.com. As the time draws near the reservations at the Sportsmans Lodge will get harder to get so act quickly.

Morning Thoughts

Muddy Feet

Sunken Sunrise