“Coy Shiver”

Coy Shiver Tongs

Coy has been oystering for 31 years, he is only 41. He got started as a child helping his father on his boat and now goes out every day. He had one of the biggest set of tongs I had ever seen, he told me he made them himself. This is the first time I had met Coy, but I look forward to more photographs in the future.

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“David Barber”

David Barber

David owns Barber Seafood, probably the largest oyster distribution business in the Apalachicola area. They ship truckloads of oysters every day. David has always allowed me to come in and photograph anything and every where in his seafood house. I had always wanted to do a portrait of him in his office and this trip I got a chance to get one. As you can see he is an avid deer hunter and spends lots of time in the woods. I can’t wait to deliver him a copy of one of the portraits I made on this trip.

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“Eastpoint Solitude”

Eastpoint Solitude

A little different image today, I decided instead of trying to fix the ghosting of the oyster boats I would just try processing a single file. It really worked well only a little less dramatic. I really love the look of HDR images, but they are not the best just one way of doing things. This image is a little more subtle and less dramatic. There are always a lot of different ways to process an image.

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