“Trailer Child”

Trailer Child

Every workshop we spend time in the trailer park photographing the people who live there. A lot of the images are artistic, but some are just portraits for a group of people who never get their picture made. They absolutely love it because they know I will bring them photos the next time I am down. This little girl caught my attention for 2 reasons, her red hair and the sad look on her face. It is a very touching portrait and maybe one of the strongest I made during this trip.


Mayapple Logs BW

Well the Mayapple season is drawing to a close. I was able to get up there 3 different times and came away with some great images. The season always comes in April and lasts about 2 to 3 weeks. The image above was one of my favorites.

Mayapple Light

This morning I had some of the best light of all the trips. The sun had just come out from the clouds and was just lighting the center of this patch. Most of the mornings I was there it had rained the night before which made for some great water drops, but made for some soft and dreary light.

Mayapple Bloom Back

I did get lucky and get there while the Mayapple was in bloom. Some years I get blooms, some years you miss it. This was an off year for blooms, very few of the plants bloomed this year. Last year was the best I have ever seen. The image above was one of the best I got this year.



Flower and Fern

There are always many different other plants to shoot while you are there. The mushroom was right beside one of the big patches of Mayapple and caught my eye as I was walking around. The Trillium I just barely noticed on my way out, but I loved the image I got even though I was flat of my back. The flower coming up through the fern was an amazing image to capture. It is something you don’t see everyday.

I hope you enjoy these images. If you are interested in going out next year just let me know now and I can make a note for next April. It is really close to home near Dallas, GA.

“Camper at Smith Creek”

Camper Smith Creek

This is the same camper where I photographed the squirrel hunters last November. When we arrived here this spring no one was camping, but the camper was open so I went in to photograph. It was really cool with all their stuff inside. I really liked the stove and oven on the left along with the bunk over the cab. The outside light was just soft enough to make for a good HDR.