“Moonset Dwarf Cypress Swamp”

Moonset Dwarf Cypress

An amazing image from the George Kendrick Dwarf Cypress Swamp in Tate’s Hell. I didn’t really have time to completely process the image this morning, but it still looks amazing. I got lucky that the full moon fell on the weekend of the fall workshop last year and also that we went to the swamp the second morning. It was a hard choice between the sunrise and the moon set and both were beautiful.



I was at the cleaners picking up some clothes a few days ago, while there I asked if I could photograph a while. This image was one of the best I got. I really loved the color and texture of the multi colored bobbins against the blurred background. It all made for a great composition. Who would have thought about photographing at the cleaners?

“Chuck Danley”

Chuck Danley

Chuck is 77 years old and was just hanging with the squirrel hunters on opening morning. He said he didn’t hunt any more but just enjoyed being there. He was content to sit by the fire and enjoy the moment. I talked to him for a while and told him I loved his hands and cane. He was a great subject, hope to see him in March when I go back for the spring workshop.