“Mike Cain”

Mike Cain

This was the first chance I had to photograph Mike, I have photographed his father James and his brother Mitchell over the years. I spent the day before sitting on the front porch talking about his father and Mitchell and him growing up in Eastpoint. It was one of the most interesting times I have ever had talking to one of the locals. He talked about his Dad and the kind of person he was, he also talked about Mitchell and him oystering when they were kids. He said they had to stay within sight of the house on Hwy 98 or their Mom would stop them from oystering and making a little money. I learned a lot about the Cain family.

“Mike, Michelle and Crew”

Mike Michelle and Crew BW

Mike Michelle and Crew color

Mike Cain and his daughter Michelle love dogs, I guess that is obvious. I have been wanting to do this portrait for a while and I knew it would be almost impossible. I actually wanted to do it in the house, but that was impossible. We spent about an hour and a half shooting and had some good images, this was one of the best. I really liked the puppies nursing in between them. I will try to post a couple more from the shoot later.